Elcome has a full fledged Research & Development department that works on core technologies to develop vital sub systems that form part of a larger system. The R&D department is focused on development of technologies which enable Elcome to integrate complex system and act as a system integrator.

Some of the development work that has been carried out at the Elcome R&D centre are:

Universal ECDIS Interface (MULT-INF)
The MULT-INF is a universal ECDIS interface unit is a 19 inch rack mountable unit that houses upto 6 (sensor) interface boards and the Transas Radar Integrator Board (RIB) interface unit to provide a neat and compact interface unit.
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Raytheon Pathfinder Radar remote control (RAD-INF-RAY)
The RAD-INF-RAY is a black box unit that provides complete remote control of a Raytheon Pathfinder MK2 radar transceiver. It also de-multiplexes the downlink signal to provide raw radar information.
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VHF Remote Control and VoIP
We have developed a solution to provide complete remote control of Sailor Compact 4000 & 2000 VHF / HF remote control over an IP network. Further, we also have developed a solution to transfer the voice as IP packet.
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Ship’s Weather Station
We have developed a solution to provide complete weather information on board a ship.
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Engine Room Panels for Transas Engine Room Simulator
We have developed complete Engine Room Panels that interface with Transas engine room simulator.
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Overhead Panels for Transas Ship Handling Simulator
We have developed ship’s bridge over head panel that interface with Transas ship handling simulator.
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RSIM interface unit for Nautel Non Direction Beacons
We have developed an RSIM (Reference Station Integrity Monitor) interface that provides RSIM interface to Leica’s (Mx-Marine) MF DGPS broadcast station.
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