Elcome provides a complete basket of products that are fully compliant to relevant IMO / IEC / ITU standards as applicable. The systems carry type approval from accredited bodies that allow them for fitment onboard ships to fulfil the relevant SOLAS carriage requirements.

Currently we provide the following additional system / equipments that are not form part of the standard categories, but are required for specialised applications. (Please click on the equipment name for more details):

Non Directional Beacons
Non Directional Beacons (NDBs) are required for helicopter landing. For ship’s that support a halo deck, this is a mandatory requirement.
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Heli Deck Monitoring System
Heli Deck Monitoring Systems are required for ship’s such OSV, MSV and other specialised ships that have a heli deck on board.
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Satellite TV
Gyro stabilised satellite television system forms part of ship’s entertainment.
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Navigation lights, & Horns
Every ship is required to carry navigational lights, signals and horns.
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